I'll Be Strong.jpg

I'm so excited to announce my new 12" single for Public Release Records.

Here's what they're saying: 

Southern California producer Jeffrey Brodsky's "I'll Be Strong" is the latest EP to appear on San Francisco based label Public Release. Its comprised of four tracks, with Brodsky's original joined by three wide ranging remixes, which complement its energetic feeling with deeper material aimed at late nights and early mornings.

The title cut is a prime time house number, which recalls the genre's underground roots through spiralling arpeggios, tweaked-up vocals, and chiming organs. But this isn't just some nostalgic memory, instead Brodsky gives the track some modern muscle via a clean production aesthetic and energetic structure, that locks the vibe in a more contemporary direction.

Mark E provides the first remix -- it's a move towards the hypnotic, with tribal drums and cascading bells that ought to provide a worthy complement to late night epiphanies, and memorably euphoric moments spent under the mirror ball. Then comes Richard Sen's take, which runs the whole thing through a filter of '80s-style acid house, with a big raw 303 bassline and dubby vocals accented with delays. The final remix duties fall on Mike Simonetti, whose version teases out the song's atmospheric space through tight, heavy drum programming and monolithic washes of synthesizer.

Check out the music video below from Univeral Everything